Akimbo Cafe @ Shenzhen


Beyond counterfeit bags and business conventions, what lies underneath Shenzhen is a thriving and fearless new art scene. I paid a visit to the Akimbo Cafe in Shenzhen the other weekend and the whole experience really blew my mind. 

Situated around industrial workers' residential areas, one can hardly imagine what the space has to offer. However as the adage goes, 'don't judge a book by its cover", I think it accurately illustrates how a gem this space is. 


As a not-really-coffee-person, options at cafes are often limited which is understandable because one would go to a tea house if one does not drink coffee. (Alas, why are there no tea houses in Hong Kong?) However, I was sincerely grateful to Akimbo Cafe's wide variety of tea options (both hot and cold), especially when they used TWG tea leaves (though I could not tell if it was loose leaf or full leaf because I saw no leaf ...).  

I ordered a pot of cold-brew Golden Earl Grey. The black tea were sun-dried and oxidised naturally so the malty and honeyed flavour it offered was exceptional and one-of-a-kind. However, maybe it was something to do with the brewing process (having it cold-brew), the flavour did not come out as strong as I expected. 


The cafe features countless "vintage little things" which are of great historical significance - it was also my first few times using a rotary dial. You could also find some typewriters and incandescent light bulbs placed around in different corners of the cafe. 

*By the way, the exit of this picture leads your way to the toilet, you are welcome for this. 

The cafe also carries a wide range of merchandises, from iPhone cases (at a reasonable price of around RMB$30!) to mugs and tumblers (doubt they are thermo-serv though!). 

Address: 2/F, 6th SO Art Center, No.18 Gangwan Avenue, Nanshan District

It's a comfortable 10 minutes walk from the Shekou Port station (Shenzhen Metro Line) to the cafe. 

Alternatively, you could hail a cab from the Shenzhen Bay Port for around RMB$ 60 but most taxi drivers may not know this place so it would be better to tell them the Chinese address "港湾大道18号6栋SO艺术空间2楼". 

I hope you enjoy your little getaway to this Akimbo Cafe. Peace.