The young entrepreneur has nothing to lose
— Christian Yuen

Christian Yuen was born in Hong Kong in 1993. He received his BA in English and Sociology from The University of Hong Kong in 2015. Upon graduation, he worked as a business development professional focusing on merges and acquisition practices in international law firms. 

In June 2017, Christian founded YUEN as an extended project from his blog CHRISTIANYUEN, which was previously nominated as "Top Lifestyle Blog in Hong Kong" by Hong Kong Blog Review. 

Christian currently lives in Hong Kong and travels frequently worldwide. Christian speaks fluent Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Hakka.

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2016, Group Exhibition, "#thepovertyline", PMQ Hong Kong
2016, Group Exhibition, "JR, a survey exhibition", the pulse Hong Kong
2015, Group Exhibition, "Modus Operandi", 10 Design & island6 Gallery Hong Kong
2014, Group Exhibition, "Overload: A Tale Of Officide", island6 Gallery Hong Kong
2013, Group Exhibition, "City Scenes", The University of Hong Kong

Private collection, Vancouver BC
Private collection, Winnipeg MB
Private collection, New York NY

2015, BA in English and Sociology, The University of Hong Kong