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I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.
— Pablo Picasso

CHRISTIANYUEN is a lifestyle journal, curated by Christian Yuen dedicated to culture, style, travel, gourmet and wellness. 

Growing up, Christian has long realised his penchant for "the finer things in life". 

5 WEIRDLY REAL Facts about me: 

  • I love collecting water bottles. My first collection was a VERY tumblr-worthy Antipodes Water bottle and of course I added some Swiss cheese plant in it (because why wouldn't you?). Whenever I am travelling or out and about, I always like to visit the supermarkets just to see if I would be able to pick up some unique designs. 
  • I am afraid of most cats and dogs, be them big or small for no particular reason. However, this does NOT stop me from loving them and I can always be with them in the same space as long as I know they will not get near me (oh please!). On a side note, I am not afraid of cockroaches or any insects though. 
  • I am a firm believer of multitasking. I always split my laptop screen into two WORKSTATIONS. Left hand side is always for streaming shows. Right hand side is usually for blogging or reading other articles. 
  • I love scents. I have more than 100 bottles of fragrances at home. I love analysing the interplay of ingredients and the story behind each fragrance. If possible, I would love to take courses at a Perfumery School.
  • I am a language lover and learner! I speak Cantonese, English, Putonghua and Hakka. I can also utter a few phrases in French, Mayalysian and Japanese but that's about it. 

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 *Picture from  Death to Stock

*Picture from Death to Stock


American Eagle Outfitters
New World Development
Porsche Design
Le Labo Hong Kong
Little Burro
The University of Hong Kong
YellowKorner Hong Kong  + and more ...


Art Direction
Brand Development
Fashion Direction


2016, Group Exhibition, "#thepovertyline", PMQ Hong Kong
2016, Group Exhibition, "JR, a survey exhibition", the pulse Hong Kong
2015, Group Exhibition, "Modus Operandi", 10 Design & island6 Gallery Hong Kong
2014, Group Exhibition, "Overload: A Tale Of Officide", island6 Gallery Hong Kong
2013, Group Exhibition, "City Scenes", The University of Hong Kong

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